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How To Make Money With Adf.ly

ADF.LY TIPS- Make $180 per day online with ADFL.LY url shortening website. adfly url shortener is the best and easiest way to make money online without stress. You will learn the step by step details on how to earn money online with Adfly short url and also the tips and tricks I use to earn more than $180 per day online by shortening my url and referral link with www.Adf.ly.

Not only will you learn how to make money online with Adf.ly url shortener and tips on how to make $180 per day, you will also have the full list of all the high paying url shortening websites that are like Adfly clone which you can use to multiply that amount per day. These ADFLY CLONE also have the greatest and high paying referral programs you can ever imagine online, with this program you will earn a high percentage commissions for your whole lifetime without working.
Just register at adf.ly tips and apply the tips and tricks, then sit back and watch your money flow!

How Adfly works

adfly is a website that pays you when you shorten or shrink your referral link or any url address from their website.
With Adfly, you can promote any website, blog or referral link of your choice and still get paid for it!

Shorten you url at Adfly, post it on facebook, twitter, your blog, website, forums or any social network websites and make money everytime someone clicks on it. If you have a large number of followers on twitter and facebook's fan page, you can make more than $1000 per day. A friend of mine who has a large number followers on twitter easily makes that. Even Real madrid football club of Spain makes use of Adfly short url on their twitter account.


Visit Adfly website to register and after registration they will send an email comfirmation message to you immediately. Then visit your email and click on the link they sent you which will verify your account. Then Log in to Adf.ly website again with the email address and the password you used to register, update your profile and the payment method that you preferred to be paid with and then click submite button. Finally, copy any website url address of your choice eg www.twitter.com or referral link and paste it in the shrink box then click shrink, It will generate a shorter link that looks like this: http://adf.ly/6672 , then copy the new link and paste it on your facebook wall, twitter, forum, blog etc with a note attached to it and makes it look like this=> click and visit here=> http://adf.ly/6672 to join twitter.
Click here and view how people make use of Adfly short url on twitter.
Each time people click on the link it will show them an Ad from ADFLY and also redirect them to your website. And you are paid everytime somebody clicks on it.

Please don't sell this Ebook because there was no reselling right when I bought them. It's free to download, I only gain through your clicks:
adfly/Google Search Engine Ebook
Learn everything about google search engine and get your website high ranked on google. Download ebook=>


Adf.ly tip and trick - these are the ADFLY'S tips and tricks I use to get people click on my www.adf.ly links which earns me about $180 per day. But make sure what you are directing them to is what they might have a high interest in.


I have about 20,000 fans on my page on facebook and two facebook accounts with about 10,000 friends, so whenever I have an interesting product to direct them to or a website with an interesting article that might interest them, I copy the website address and shrink it at Adfly, then copy the shrinked link and paste it on my facebook's fan page and on my two facebook accounts wall with a descriptive short note attached to it urging them to click it and visit the product's website.

People who are interested in the product always rush to click the link and visit the website which earns me money each time somebody clicks on it to visit. Adf.ly pays you more than $4.00 per 1000 clicks on your shrinked or shorten link.

So when about 30,000 people on my facebook's fan page and friends from my two facebook accounts click on my short link i make up to $120. I also use ADFOCUS, another website which is similar to Adfly to double that amount, however Facebook has banned and blocked Adf.ly link on their website but i still outsmart them and post my links.

How it works : 

After shrinking or shortening my link at Adfly, i copy it and then go to nulrefer.com and click the cloak option box then paste the link in the box and click generate, then copy the generated link which cannot be blocked again by facebook and paste it on my facebook fan page wall and my profile wall with an attractive short note directing people to click on it and visit the website i want them to visit. But it's better to use this trick on your referral link alone to avoid ban. You can use Adfocus on facebook because they are accepted.


Write an attractive but highly exagerated note directing people to click on your link eg: 'buy a car with just $10.00, click and visit from here: http://adfoc.us/126101' This is highly recommended if you want to earn big with Adfly. I easily earn more than $45.00 on twitter by applying this tip.


Whenever you upload a video on youtube, shorten the downloading link in Adf.ly's shrinker, then paste it on your youtube account and earn money each time someone clicks and downloads the video. You can make more than $300 per day on youtube alone if you have a very popular and interesting video that can attract a large number of people.


Put the exagerated short note in your forum signatures, this will make people to click on it each time you commented on the forum's post. However I earn little ($18.00 or less $15.00)on forums because I don't have much time to comment on posts.


you can also visit other social network websites wherever you find a large number of people interested in a particular topic, search that topic on google then copy the website link and shrink it at Adfly then copy and paste the link on the social network website and direct the people to click the link and visit the website for their favourite topic. The more they click on the link the more money you make!

Websites Similar Adfly

These are the lists of top paying url shortening Adfly clone (url shortening Websites like Adf.ly). The websites are similar in the sense that you can use the same pattern of registration and earnings for all them, but the only difference is the amount of money each pays to its members and also the percentage of earnings from their referral programs.

ADFOCUS - is a url shortening website
adfly clone that will pay you $6.00 per
1000 clicks on your shorten url. You can Also refer
your friends and earn 20% of their earnings for life. Their payment is quick and consistant.
$5 is minimum payout through
Paypal Or Alertpay. It's legit and very popular. CLICK HERE TO VISIT AND ADFOCUS FOR FREE

LINKBUKS - is the best and most legit url shortening
service website similar to adfly, earn $6.50 per 1000 clicks. You can make one dollar per day with just 8 active referrals. They also have a nice to earn through pay per survey completed. $0.6 per survey. Also
refer users and get 32%
commission. $5 is the minimum.
payout through Paypal and alertpay. It's legit.

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